5 Most Frequently Asked Questions about SoftWave Therapy in Kalamazoo

5 Most Frequently Asked Questions about SoftWave Therapy in Kalamazoo

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If you haven't heard about SoftWave Therapy (Tissue Regenerative Therapy), it's truly changing the lives of our Kalamazoo community! This therapy uses sound waves to:

  • Increase circulation and naturally accelerate healing!
  • Activate dormant stem cells to jumpstart healing for up to 12 months!
  • Empower your body’s natural healing response!

Softwave therapy may have been around for the past couple of years, but so many people are just beginning to discover its benefits.

If you are one of those people, we know you probably have a ton of questions. So we wanted to share 5 of our most asked questions.

1. "Who is it for?"

We love using this therapy as a way to support:

● Athletes looking to reduce their risk of injury or speed up the recovery process
● Individuals dealing with chronic pain
● Anyone who is recovering from a tissue injury
● Neuropathy patients suffering from nerve damage

We've also found that it's also extremely effective for patients dealing with shoulder pain, plantar fasciitis, and arthritis!

2. "Is it painful?"

One of the beautiful things about SoftWave Therapy is its non-invasive nature. Patients typically experience a mild tingling or pulsating sensation during the session, but it's generally pain-free. The focus is on providing a comfortable, effective healing experience.

3. "How many sessions are needed?"

It depends! The number of sessions varies based on the individual needs and conditions of each patient. One of the perks of choosing our office for your SoftWave sessions is that we want to find out what the actual cause of your pain is rather than trying to figure out how to just “make the pain go away”. This ensures that even after we perform SoftWave and get you on the path to true healing, you don't find yourself in the same situation in the future.

4. "Are there any side effects?"

SoftWave Therapy is renowned for its minimal side effects. Patients may encounter some mild soreness or redness at the treatment site, but these effects are temporary and generally subside shortly after the session. This is why so many people are loving it as a natural alternative to surgery with zero downtime!

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Whether you’ve been following along and just haven’t given Softwave Therapy a try, or you’ve just discovered it for the first time, we would love to answer any questions you might have!

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